August 30, 2012

Wayne and Paul talk about golf and the FedEx cup, what kind of golf events should go into the Olympics? And should you be allowed to trash talk, boo, distract, golfers while they play?
We also get into the NHL Labour situation. What is Hockey Related Revenue anyway? And why on earth do they have revenue sharing.
The lads talk about the best sports movies, and about the Lions matchup with the Als this weekend.

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  • I hate the idea of revenue sharing canadian fans continue to fill stadiums and bring in huge revenue even when they are fighting to just make the playoffs. gms of canadian teams now they just have to compete for a playoff spot to bring out the fans. look at the leafs 7 years no playoffs and they continue to sell out, so canadian teams give money to the tampa bays of the world so they can drop to the bottom of the standings get the top picks in draft and have a chance for the cup with no fans out to games until they make it threw the first round like ie.. devils and la kings and if you want to look at the oilers they do fill there stadium even if they do suck.
    Take the last three oilers picks out and no canadian teams have had the first pick in the draft in 15-20 years? NO TOP PICKS NO CUPS

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