‘As Pedro Morales goes, so do the Whitecaps’

whitecapsDon’t make bold predictions. They’re dangerous.

That’s Marc Weber’s lesson from a week ago. He said 1. the Whitecaps would score against Portland and 2. it would Kendall Waston.

It was nearly right, but he still had it wrong.

The Whitecaps can’t go another week without scoring, can they?

Patrick Johnston gives it a little to his co-host, while welcoming special guest Jonathan McDonald.

There are nine games to go in the MLS season. The Whitecaps stand on the edge of the playoffs. They’re having trouble scoring – and help will only come from within.

Is there hope? Is all they need to solve their problems to be found in a new formation alongside the return of Gershon Koffie? Also, Jonathan wants to know about measuring David Ousted’s explosions at his defenders. Aren’t they a bit much, he asks.

Weebs, PJ and J-Mac ponder the arrival of DC United on Saturday.

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