Appropriate usage of jerseys…

Rob Ford wears football jerseys. Rob Ford wears football jerseys while using colourful language in describing his sex life.

He makes jokes too. A bit like imagining J-Mac enjoying some time in the sun while we’re stuck enjoying the on-set of winter.

Enough, right?

Ok, ok. But Paul and Patrick do like talking uniforms – what about those excellent Team Canada snowboarding getups that were announced on Wednesday? Why couldn’t Hockey Canada and Nike get themselves together and do something like that? Even if you don’t think the black jerseys look like Nazi SS uniforms – the red and white ones are straight from a 1980s Petro Canada advertising campaign.

Ok, ok. Enough about uniforms.

During his pre-game press conference on Thursday morning, John Tortorella talked about trusting his players and his players learning to trust themselves. But, that’s a bit hard, Chappy points out, when you only let your fourth liners play just a handful of minutes a night.

So this team is stuck in an endless reliance on the Sedins. That’s, well, going to last only so long. How long? Maybe the season? Probably shorter.

Whatever it is, at least this isn’t Edmonton. What a mess. Four wins in the opening 20 games of the season – when the Canucks did that in 1984, they fired their newly-hired, junior hockey-trained head coach, Bill LaForge. Does a similar fate await Dallas Eakins?

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