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canucks1Ed Willes joins Paul Chapman to talk all things Canucks. Why are fans getting riled up? This team represents pretty much what everyone wanted, mildly competitive while showcasing kids who don’t look out of place in a build for the future. They also talk about what moves the Canucks need to make to actually get to the next level and not just pretend to like the Calgary Flames and Colorado Avalanche who have fallen down a youth trap.

Ed thinks the piece the Canucks will need, have always needed, is that dominant elite number one defenceman, but saying you need one versus actually getting one is the problem.
The boys then kick around the great story that is Jamie Vardy. The English goalscorer tops the charts in the English Premier league, and has hit the long-standing consecutive game scoring streak. How remarkable is this story?

What are the North American equivalents? Alex Burrows? Kurt Warner?

Lastly, great fictional sports movie coaches are the topic thanks to an Esquire Magazine “bracket”. Ed loves Mickey from the Rocky movies, but has no time for Gordon Bombay, Emilio Estevez’ alter ego from the Mighty Ducks movies.

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