Action heroes in junior hockey, the press box and more

GiantsLast season, Steve Ewen and Jonny Mac were all over this stuff. Sadly, we’d not yet been able to get Steve on. There wasn’t really a specific reason; the timing just never seemed to work.

But Jonny woke up with an idea this morning, one that lit him like a menorah. ‘It’s time to get Steve back in,’ he thought.

So yes, it’s true, it’s Steve Ewen time.

Province Sports’ resident junior hockey, lacrosse and whatever else-have-you writer joins J-Mac and PJ for the Friday look at the weekend.

There’s the launch of the high school basketball season, which for the second year in a row features the Tsumura Invitational – Steve may want to call it the Tsumura Memorial, but that would just satisfy the rumour that Howard has spontaneously combusted.

It’s not true – Howie is going to be at BC Place on Saturday, covering the Subway Bowl.

But it’s hard not to talk about junior hockey teams without talking about their moustaches. Or at least their attempts at one (quick segue – check out Adam Foster’s Movember page!)

How are the Giants looking this season and are they really setting up for a Memorial Cup run in 2016? They’ve got a lot of 19 year olds this year, is that really the right approach?

Junior hockey also means talking BCHL, once in a while. There’s a good lesson from Landon Smith’s experience, thinking he had a scholarship lined up but it’s lost now, with a change in coaches.

And what about those poor old Abbotsford Heat. The Utica Comets are in town, but ticket sales look to be lagging again. How the heck did the AHL end up here, again?

Also is Botch ever not grumpy?

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