A very Botchful weekend

James Reimer, Jerry D'Amigo, Trevor Smith, Carl Gunnarsson, Dion PhaneuYes there was a game last night. Yes there’s a game tonight, but it’s Friday, which means a look back at the week and a look ahead to the weekend.

Jason Botchford joins J-Mac and PJ to do a final take on the Milan Lucic story, the train-wreck of a season that the Toronto Maple Leafs look set to fall into and the reality of Philadelphia Eagles QB Nick Foles.

Botch reveals a few more details on the Lucic story plus there’s plenty to think about in the broader sense of hockey players out on the town. The Leafs started strong but most predicted they’d fall off the pace. Now that they are, guys like Steve Simmons are getting defensive. Botch doesn’t think much of Simmons and doesn’t spare any words about him.

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