A tribute to hockey sweaters and Xmas sweaters…and the Sedins

1507206_10152091704130489_871120616_nWe all love ugly Christmas sweater parties.

So do the Knoxville IceBears – they’re wearing these lovelies on December 21.

So, ya, we’re talking uniforms today. A bit of merchandising too.

It’s a fun hobby that the guys have, thinking about sports livery.

By the way – did you see the Kings’ Stadium Series unis? They’re pretty sick.

Are they Christmas gift-able? We’d say so.

And did you notice that Zack Kassian got more ice time last night? See what a little motivating does?

A recent study by UVic suggests the Sedins are the tops when it comes to being leaders who serve their followers. Are the Sedins under-appreciated in Vancouver?

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