Karate Rocker Lucas Trottier

KymaticaLucas Trottier sings in prog-death metal band Kymatica, whose self-title debut album drops on March 18, 2014.

Lucas, a martial arts school teacher and heavy metal musician talks with Scene & Heard host Stuart Derdeyn about how karate and powerchords compliment each other.

This episode of Scene & Heard includes a preview of Hate/Doom, a track from the upcoming self-titled Kymatica album.

From the Kymatica BandMix Canada page:

“Kymatica”, matters pertaining to “waves”, alludes to a conception point, a balancing of the two basic polarities of our world, matter and energy to hold the “body” of the world together. This great work which is been created in the mind of the main songwriter Luke for much time has come to be brought forth at a time when our world most needs to reconnect the long disconnected energies of our planet.

As we all experience a realigning to one degree or another, “Kymatica” offers an intense and potent energy to aid the fires of change. Fed by the blue flame of rebellion that ignites the birth of the spirit in ones soul we aspire to light that fire within as many souls as we can.

So as false glimmers of hope fade and we forge ahead into the unknown we will be here to feed the energy needed to bring the world into a “Kymatica”, may you keep up the fight….

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