The state of Canadian UFC

Rousey of U.S fights with Correia of Brazil during their UFC match in Rio de JaneiroIn their latest Keyboard Kimura edition of Province Sports Radio Spencer Kyte and Paul Chapman talk about the state of UFC in Canada, looking back to the Fight Night card in Saskatoon and also the challenges of putting on shows north of the border.

When will the next card be held in Vancouver, and would we be better off hosting Fight Night cards instead of Pay Per Views.

Booking by the UFC also comes into the discussion, why would Holly Holm be rushed into a fight with Ronda Rousey, and the problems of putting together matches with such dominant champions.

The lads then look at some of the recently announced fights, including the truly appetizing heavyweight bout between Alastair Overeem and Junior Dos Santos, and examine the major events through the fall to the end of the year.

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