Ronda Rousey, her mom and her coach

Rousey of U.S fights with Correia of Brazil during their UFC match in Rio de JaneiroIn the main event Spencer Kyte and Paul Chapman talk about Ronda Rousey, her mom, her coach, and why one of them wants to literally run over one of the others with a car and kill them. Bad blood all around and how will that affect Rousey’s performance in her next title fight. How much does a coach influence performance in the UFC?

If you are a young prospect who wants to get into the UFC, can you make it in a local gym or do you have to travel to one of the big fight centres with a stable of top-end UFC fighters to make the leap?

In the Fight of the Week the lads kick around the heat between Uriah Faber and TJ Dillashaw, and if that is going to mean another title shot for Faber after his championship teammate Dillashaw left Team Alpha Male for another training setup, and the role trash talking and ticket sales have to do in matchmaking.

In the Championship Rounds, Spencer and Paul talk about Daniel Cormier and his desire to take some time off. He is 36 and fought three times this year and knows his big payday is a rematch with Jon Jones, but how much has this last year taken out of him.

Also they touch base on Rory MacDonald, the B.C. Fighter who made a bit of a surprise appearance this week, popping back up onto the radar while making his long recovery from his brutal title fight in July.

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