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Paige VanZantIn this week’s Keyboard Kimura Podcast, Paul Chapman and Spencer Kyte dive into the MMA news of the week. In this week’s Main Event they get into talk of the ongoing Jon Jones fallout following his first media interview last week. Is Jones really at odds with UFC brass? He clearly isn’t happy, but this is a relationship that however rocky, is beneficial to both. What can we expect from Jones when he comes back? He was winning fights against the top contenders when he wasn’t training seriously, what can we expect from him now that he is fully committed?

The lads also get into the ponderings that he could soon move up to heavyweight.

In the Championship Rounds the discussion turns to UFC stalwart and company man Benson Henderson’s free agency. He’s done everything the UFC has ever asked of him, fighting as a replacement on short notice, moving weight classes, even keeping a good attitude despite some sketchy decisions against him, so how is it that his contract runs out?

In the Fight of the Week, they examine the Paige VanZant versus Rose Manajunas scrap next week. Paige is a 21-year-old phenom who gets as much attention for her looks as she does her fighting ability, she is a fabulous prospect but is she ready for a title shot?

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