Keyboard Kimura on fighters in the fishbowl and Rory MacDonald’s recovery

Weigh-in for UFC-gala in Stockholm.Spencer Kyte joins Paul Chapman for a monster podcast in which they discuss the recovery of Rory MacDonald, and how the brutality of the Robbie Lawler fight may impact him going forward, then they look ahead to this weekend’s Fight Night in Saskatoon and who on the card has something to prove.

The boys then look ahead to the next UFC Pay Per View and the intrigue of the co-main events between two reclaimed heavyweights.

Anthony Johnson got himself in trouble with an aggressive Facebook post this week and Spencer and Paul get into the issues around being an athlete in a fishbowl, and the caution UFC fighters must use.

Lastly they get into Brock Lesnar vs Dana White, and why Lesnar would take a shot at his old boss.

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