Joe Duffy out in Dublin

joe_duffy3Main Event: Joe Duffy out in Dublin
UFC, Poirier do the right thing, fans get crusty and unrealistic, MMA Twitter makes MMA look bad.
Concussion issues need to be taken seriously and not demeaned by stars like Conor McGregor.

Fight of the Week: Arlovski vs. Miocic at UFC 195 (January 2)
– Miocic out of this week’s event (vs. Ben Rothwell) a couple weeks ago
– lands a better fight
– Arlovski, off Mir debacle, has to beat a legit guy to get to title shot
– feels like UFC screwed up heavyweight division here

Championship Rounds: Need for Better Regional Options, UFC Minor League?
– very little concrete in Canada; some good organizations in US, elsewhere, but not a lot
– hard for guys that are close to UFC or top prospects to get fights
– could UFC slide in and create a Triple A equivalent or regional equivalents to build guys?

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