Fight of the Year vs Fight of the Ever: Reviewing UFC 189

conor_mcgregor_blank copyPaul Chapman is joined by Spencer Kyte as they talk about not the “Fight of the Year” but, as Dana White tabbed it, “the Fight of the Ever” between Rory MacDonald and Robbie Lawler at UFC 189 in Las Vegas.

Spencer was on hand in Sin City to witness the savage brawl that saw B.C.’s own MacDonald in the lead going into the final round, only to succumb to the brutality of champion Robbie Lawler.

Spencer talks about what, if anything, MacDonald could have done, where he stands in the division, and how he would do against Johnny Hendricks, should the former champ come back to reclaim his belt off Lawler.

The title brawl between MacDonald and Lawler isn’t the only topic to be discussed though, as the main event between Connor McGregor and Chad Mendes is also one to talk about. Spencer gives his opinion on

McGregor’s performance and if this legitimizes his star power in UFC, what the atmosphere was like in Las Vegas with so many Irish fans travelling to support him, and if this changes the skew of view on the fight between McGregor and injured champion Jose Aldo.

The lads also get into the reported purses of the fighters, and how it makes the UFC look that MacDonald could take such a beating and only make a reported $59,000 for it.

Talk also turns to news that retired heavyweight legend Fedor Emilianenko is looking to return to the Octagon, and also The Ultimate Fighter finale and the future of the reality show/fight series.

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