Ultra Rich Asian Girls

richasiangirlsTens of thousands of curiosity seekers have logged on to YouTube to watch Ultra Rich Asian Girls Chelsea Jiang and three other young, attractive Asians born into money as they drive fancy cars, eat gourmet meals, get tipsy on pricey wine, and enjoy shopping trips from Vancouver to Venice.

The unscripted reality webcast has just wrapped filming on the first 13 high-flying episodes, with more to come, if the quartet of Alpha females can be convinced to share more testy screen time together.ultra_rich_asian_girls_group

Chelsea Jiang and director/producer Kevin Li teamed up for the latest podcast installment of ‘In Depth With Ian Austin.’ This wide-ranging discussion touches on everything from Range Rovers and Balenciaga handbags to historic racism and predictable backlash to the ultra-rich of all colours and creeds.

Listen to In Depth with Ian Austin every Thursday here on TheProvincePodcasts.com and on TheProvince.com.

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