Try and Tackle

Try and Tackle: Episode 2, Season 2

Finally a new rugby sevens coach for Canada. Patrick Johnston and Curtis Reed discuss.

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Want a rugby contract? Try and Tackle: Season 2, Episode 1

Talking Seattle Saracens and BC Rugby, Canada and USA sevens, overseas contracts and more; with Patrick Johnston and Curtis Reed.

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Try and Tackle podcast for July 7

The last episode of the season looks back at the PNC season for Canada and the USA men and looks ahead to the Women’s Rugby World Cup.

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Try and Tackle Podcast for June 12

Scotland vs Canada. Japan vs USA. Those are the games coming up. The matchups were reversed a week ago. Let’s talk international rugby.

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Try and Tackle podcast for June 5

Patrick Johnston talks to the coaches and Canada’s captain, to Tom Mayenknecht about rugby’s growth potential as a brand and the roundtable looks at Canada vs Japan, USA vs Scotland and more…

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Try and Tackle podcast for May 29

Andrea Burk on the upcoming Canada women’s tour to NZ; plus Martin Pengelly & Jeff Hull with Patrick Johnston on Super Sevens, Geraint John and Canada vs BC

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Try and Tackle for May 23, 2014

Patrick Johnston chats with Jeff Hull and Curtis Reed about the latest chit chat on the IRB Sevens expansion, about early days for the Ontario Blues, a preview of next week’s BC vs Canada match and more.

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Try and Tackle podcast for May 15

The men’s sevens season is over, but there’s still plenty to talk about. Geraint John joins to talk about the Canadian season, Ken Laban joins from New Zealand – plus the roundtable talks All Blacks in Chicago.

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Try and Tackle for May 7

A huge weekend in Glasgow – Canada finishing 2nd. How did it happen? Patrick Johnston speaks with Canada’s Connor Braid and with commentator Scott Hastings to start. The roundtable looks at Super Rugby expansion in North America, the upcoming London 7s and the official confirmation that the All Blacks are coming to Chicago.

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Try and Tackle podcast for May 1

Glasgow Sevens weekend! Time to set up the last two tourneys of the season.
Scott Hastings joins Patrick Johnston to talk about the state of play, both on and off the field.
Plust there’s the round table, but with just one other person – Curtis Reed, from This is American Rugby.

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