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Province Sports Ed Willes Edition for Feb 27, 2015

Ed Willes and Paul Chapman delve into the strange season this has been for the Vancouver Canucks. Beat the teams they¹re supposed to lose to, lose to the teams they¹re supposed to beat. Why does this happen?

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Whitecaps Weekly wraps up Portland preseason

The day is nearly here. One last game in Portland, then it’s time to talk about real, meaningful games.
Unless a strike over the new CBA intervenes.
Player solidarity, the mix at centre back, the plan at forward and on the wing and in the middle…there’s so much to cover. Marc Weber’s in Portland, Patrick Johnston is in Vancouver.

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Hockey Numbers looks at the Western Conference ahead of deadline day

There are a few teams out there who could make things very, very difficult for the Canucks who are making moves. What’s the trade deadline situation? Patrick Johnston and Thomas Drance break it down.

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Talkin’ Canucks trade deadline with Ben Kuzma

What should the Canucks do heading into the deadline. There’s a goalie on the shelf. There are injured defencemen and forwards. And they’re still winning. Ben Kuzma gives his two cents.

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Casual Tuesdays with Steve on hockey insects and more

New species named after hockey players? What would you like named after you, Steve Ewen?

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Mondays with Marius: Round Two

Mondays with Marius does round two – this time in Portland, where the Whitecaps play their final batch of preseason games. Marc Weber’s done his Norwegian history research, he’s ready for what Marius Rovde has to swing his way.

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Friday with Paul Chapman and Ed Willes

Ed Willes joins Paul Chapman as they look at whether the Canucks should buy or sell at the trade deadline, the Toronto Maple Leafs and talk turns to Fleetwood Mac, the Who and what is the fascination with stale rock acts.

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Whitecaps Weekly looks ahead

Just about two weeks until the big games begin. The Whitecaps – and Marc Weber – head to Portland for three games.

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Talkin’ Canucks like Kenins and Biega and Comets prospects with John Pitarresi

Alex Biega and Ronalds Kenins were solid players for the Utica Comets. Now they’re Vancouver Canucks. That’s an easy topic to start with. The Utica Observer-Dispatch’s John Pitarresi joins Patrick Johnston to talk Canucks youth.

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Casual Tuesdays with Steve

On folk heroes, jersey numbers and more, with Steve Ewen and Patrick Johnston.

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