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Varsity Letters – episode 2

Howard Tsumura talks to Lord Tweedsmuir coach Kurt Thornton about the return of high school football and more!

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Kesler throws bricks, Ryan Johansen holds out and Larscheid’s back? Talkin’ Canucks with Ben Kuzma

Kooz is back from vacation and he’s ready to dive right into the Canucks story. There’s more on Ryan Kesler, there’s more re-imagining the Canucks brand and there’s a holdout in Columbus.
And what’s coming for Alex Edler? It can’t be any worse this year than last, can it?

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‘Never underestimate a coach’s belief to get more out of a player’: Whitecaps Weekly for September 17

You wanted a new striker? Tough. The kids are it. For now, anyway. Time to chase playoffs.

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‘Name a better half time act’: The Fifth Quarter for September 16

The Argos, emblematic of the woeful East, are in town.
Seems like a good time to talk Grey Cup haltime acts instead.

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Canucks 101 the Podcast: Part One

The 101 Greatest Canucks launches with Steve May, Patrick Johnston and Jonathan McDonald looking at the process – and the bottom quarter of our list.

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A goal, a goal, my kingdom for a goal: Whitecaps Weekly for September 11

So that’s what a goal looks like… Marc Weber and Patrick Johnston break down a big, big week for the Whitecaps. A draw against DC. A win against San Jose. A big visit to Dallas.

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Varsity Letters with Howard Tsumura, episode 1

Province Sports amateur sports report Howard Tsumura launches his 2014-15 podcast season with UBC football coach Shawn Olson as his guest. Plus updates on the teachers dispute’s impact on high school sports.

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The Fifth Quarter talks ugly football, busted shoulders and playoff battles

Lowell Ullrich and Patrick Johnston look at the team that is now Kevin Glenn’s. It’s not all bad, right?

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The return of Talkin’ Canucks…because it’s prospects time – and Jim Jamieson is here

Young Stars Classic? That means hockey is on its way back. Patrick Johnston and Jim Jamieson talk prospects.

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Ed Willes on the NFL’s reign at the ‘forefront of the sports discussion’

The NFL is back. Ed Willes is in Seattle and there’s as much to talk about off the field as there is on the field. From concussions, to domestic abuse, to PEDs…to fascinating characters like Pete Carroll and Richard Sherman. Patrick Johnston and Jonathan McDonald join this week’s big chat.

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