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Province Sports Friday June 26 with Ed Willes

Ed Willes and Paul Chapman mull over the NHL Draft and how it is one of their favourite days on the hockey calendar. Not only is there the excitement over teams getting great young players, there is also a maelstrom of trade rumours surrounding every team including the Canucks.

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Talkin’ Lions ahead of CFL kickoff

The CFL season is set to start – but the Leos are on the sidelines.

Lowell Ullrich joins Patrick Johnston and Jonathan McDonald to look at the B.C. Lions in 2015. Is Travis Lulay really ready to go? How will Jeff Tedford’s transition go?

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Casual Tuesdays on Losing Lack, Drafting Drudgery, Wailing Wambach, Feminine Fastballs and Sunday BBQ MVPs

Patrick Johnston joins Steve Ewen to talk Canucks draft plans, WHL prospects and female athletes.

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Province Sports Friday June 19 with Ed Willes

Ed Willes joins Paul Chapman to talk about the experience of the Women¹s World Cup. The inspiring stories, Canada¹s hope for glory and the utter incompetence, arrogance and delusion that FIFA brings to the event.

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Talkin’ Lions: Last week in Kamloops – who’s the next qb?

The Lions are playing their home preseason game at cozy Thunderbird Stadium, so Lowell Ullrich, who’s going to be taking snaps under centre? Patrick Johnston joins the Province’ football writer.
And which battle is proving most interesting? Is there a breakout star to come?

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Casual Tuesdays asks ‘What would an Eddie Lack tailgate look like?’

Steve Ewen and Patrick Johnston tackle the big questions

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Province Sports Fridays with Ed Willes

Paul Chapman sits down with Ed Willes to talk about the impact, the play and the tone of the Women’s World Cup. How has Canada fared as a team, and as host? What does this tournament mean for the women’s game as a whole?

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Talkin’ Lions in week two of training camp

So what’s the state of the quarterbacking situation? And what’s with these funny helmets?
And Paul McCallum’s gone, replaced by a younger generation, but it wasn’t a pretty breaking off of relations.
All that, and more, as Province football writer Lowell Ullrich joins Patrick Johnston to breakdown week 2 in Kamloops.

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Harry Jerome, Brett Lawrie, Jake Virtanen and more

Patrick Johnston joins Steve Ewen to talk about Brett Lawrie, about Jake Virtanen’s chances of being in the Canucks lineup next fall, about the Stanley Cup final and the rise of Victor Hedman, switch pitchers and the Harry Jerome track classic.

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Province Sports for June 5, 2015 – Willes Edition

Paul and Ed discuss the whirlwind week for FIFA, why things unfolded the way they did this week and their impact on the Women’s World Cup. Also, the boys also discuss how the Vancouver Canucks stack up against teams like the Tampa Bay Lightning.

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